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Neuvotion is developing breakthrough solutions to restore movement and independence for those living with movement impairment. Our approach combines AI (artificial intelligence), highly focal stimulation, and brain-computer interface (BCI) compatible technology to deliver unparalleled therapeutic value for our users. Neuvotion's devices allow users to guide their own therapy and clinicians to leverage state-of-the-art technology, while monitoring patient progress in-person or remotely.


The Challenge


The Market


The U.S. Outpatient Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy market is more than $30 billion today and projected to grow at more than 5% per year.

(U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc.)




Research Collaborators


About Us

We’re an experienced team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and AI experts with a groundbreaking approach to treating paralysis and movement disorders. At Neuvotion, we believe the right team, with the right level of experience and focus, can achieve revolutionary solutions. We are devoted to our mission to help patients and are constantly seeking valuable feedback from researchers, clinicians and patients in order to learn and evolve. Contact us today to learn more.


Prof. Chad Bouton

Founder and CEO

25+ years in biomedical engineering, medical device R&D, and commercialization; 70 patents; Innovator of the Year; Published in Nature


Rory Murphy, MD

Scientific Advisor

20+ years in spinal cord injury and advanced surgeries; Neurosurgeon at Barrow Neurosurgical Institute


Sadegh Ebrahimi, PhD

Senior Electrical Engineer, AI Lead

Stanford-trained neural engineer, 10 years experience in neurotechnology and applied machine learning


Sandeep Singh, MD

Scientific Advisor

25+ years in medicine

Expertise in SCI, stroke, movement disorders;

CMO, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Services


Trevor Hawkins, PhD


25+ years in healthcare R&D and commercialization; Formerly with GE Ventures; Formerly Director of the Human Genome Project (DOE)


Frank Hyland, MS

Clinical Advisor

35+ years in occupational and physical therapy, Expertise in SCI, stroke, Neurorehabilitation;

VP, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Services


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